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Oanh Tretter

Staff Info
Position: Director, Children and Adult Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Dancer.
ADP Classes: Beg. Children's Combo Class, Beg. to Int/Avanced Adult Jazz (Modern, Latin, Fusion, Afro, Lyrical), Musical Theatre, Beg to Int. Modern Dance.
Training: Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Ballroom, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Pilates and Yoga.


oanh tretter
Oanh Tretter holds a B.A. in Dance from Santa Clara University and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. Her vision of having her very own dance company has been at the heart of Ariel, and that part of her inner child has been the inspiration for many to discover their own.

A jazz dancer by training, she has strong roots in modern dance, ballroom and ballet. She has danced for the Bobbie Wynn Dance Company of San Jose. Oanh has taught a variety of styles including jazz, modern, lyrical, Latin, Afro, Musical Theater, and hip hop. Her teaching experience includes jazz, modern, ballet, ballroom, hip hop, and aerobics at DeAnza College, San Mateo City College, Santa Clara University, Harker Academy, Lincoln High School, Santa Clara Parks & Recreation, and the YMCA.

In addition to teaching, Oanh has also choreographed musical shows and dance concerts for the Palo Alto Children's Theater, The Menlo Park Players, The Cupertino Jr. Players, Santa Clara University, DeAnza College, Santa Clara Children's Theater, Harker Academy, Lincoln high School, and Serra High School.

Oanh continues to take dance classes as a commitment to life long learning and continued growth as a dance educator. She hopes to share her love of dance and zest for life with everyone that she meets.