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Rina Ohta

Staff Info

Position: Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Dance
ADP Classes: Tap
Training: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop


Rina Ohta

Rina has been dancing for more than 20 years. She first took up dance as a youngster in Japan, where she studied tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop; tap was her favorite style.  Rina later joined a professional dance performance group in Japan, where she performed as a dancer and also an actress on the stage and sometimes on TV.  After performing on a variety of stages in her home country, Rina decided to expand her horizons and move to the U.S to study performing arts and English. 

She moved to CA in 2010 to learn English and American culture, and to practice her performance skills. In 2012, she started teaching tap to kids at Marina Ballet Arts. Rina loves kids and tap dancing, so working with kids has been very enjoyable. From this experience, she learned how kids have fun dancing without fear or thoughts. They reminded her that she still loves performing and dancing on the stage, so she joined Tap Explosion in 2016 directed by Gayle Greenbrook. She is looking forward to teaching tap to everyone at Ariel!